The NewSchool Challenge

Project: The NewSchool Challenge

Year: 2015

Collaborating parties: Unesco-IHE, TU Delft, IIT Mumbai, PWC

In brief: The NewSchool Challenge brings together dedicated experts from around the world to rethink, redefine, design and build smart primary schools for India's future



Project: CU-Amsterdam

Year: 2015

Architect: Cityblob in collaboration with Arcadis

Collaborating parties: Heembouw

In brief: CU-Amsterdam is a high-tech sport, retail and leisure development that is part of the new Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena railway and underground station


Learning from Delhi

Project: Learning from Delhi, Practising Architecture in Urban India

Year: Mapin Publishing, 2016

Collaborating parties: Pelle Poiesz, Sanne VanderKaaij Gandhi and Bas Losekoot

In brief: Learning from Delhi is a publication on practising architecture and urban planning in Delhi

City of Amsterdam


Project: SLCMH, Sustainable Low Cost Mass Housing

Year: 2015 - present

Architect: Cityblob

Collaborating parties: Martijn Anhalt Architect, IMG+

In brief: SLCMH is a proposal for sustainable low cost mass housing for India